Dear colleagues!

Congratulations on your new opportunity to use projective technique for working with emotional states online!

We present you the first version of the program!

We will be grateful for your feedback and suggestions!
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  • clear and simple program interface.
  • convenient and effective tools.
  • the client's choice of his or her emotional states during the online meeting.
  • demonstration of this selection on your screen.
  • the client gives names to his choices.
  • cards chosen by the client appear on the screen.
  • the picture of the client`s choises are saved in the client`s file.

For whom this program is intended

The online version of the technique "Watercolors of my soul" is designed for psychologists, psychotherapists who work in various areas of counselling and psychotherapy. For professionals who work with emotional sphere of their clients of different ages.

psychologists working in various areas of psychological counselling clinical psychologists

psychotherapists working in different areas of psychotherapy

psychologists of educational institutions

medical psychologists

What will you get when you buy this program?

You will be able to work more effectively online with your clients.
Enable clients to better understand their feelings through a choice of transparent silhouettes and multicolours background.
The client signs each of his or her choice. You get a full picture of choices on the screen.
The client's history of choices of his emotional states is saved. It helps to follow the on dynamics of the client in therapy.
Expanding the possibilities of online counseling.
This program will promote more effective client-therapeutic interaction.

Instructions for use


See what your colleagues say
"Watercolors of my soul" is a great tool that allows you to quickly and efficiently identify dysfunctional ego-states of clients, clearly show their interaction and composition conceptualization of personality. I use them when I work in Jeffrey Young's therapy, to be honest, just can not imagining my work without a "watercolor" cards. Many thanks to Nataliia Hurets for this wonderful product!"
Igor Lesov
Cognitive psychologist
"Natalia's method is simple in appearance and deep in content. Excellent diagnostic material. Personally, I use in client topics where you need to make a choice or describe your inner state. Grateful for such a resource!"
Victoria Starchenko
Certified Transactional Analyst in the Field of Psychotherapy, European Registry
"Emotions accompany us all our lives. But we do not always manage to understand, recognize, to name this or that emotion. The projective technique "Watercolors of my soul" has no age restrictions. In my practice it has proven to be interesting and effective in working with preschoolers and adolescents as a way to get acquainted with emotions, to study different emotional states, to learn to differentiate and analyze them, express them productively and situationally. "
Kovalenko Natalia
child psychologist, neuropsychologist, Montessori teacher
"As a leader of trainings on the development of emotional literacy for children and adults, I recommend the technique "Watercolors of my soul". I like the ease of use and effectiveness of this technique."
Olga Demidova
psychologist, psychotherapist, certified transaction analyst in the field of psychotherapy of the European Register
"I use technique of" Watercolors of my soul " while working with children and adult clients. The technique is especially valuable in situations when it is important for the client to describe his or her feelings. The technique allows clients to portray their inner state, even if they do not know how to name exactly the feeling they are experiencing now. Good and positive cards of emotions and beautiful watercolor backgrounds help clients relax, describe their condition, and transform it if needed. The technique is universal and will enrich the arsenal of psychologists and psychotherapists. "
Klymenko Juliya
practicing psychologist, candidate for CTA (p), PHD.
"The technique works with different age groups and is easy for clients to master and understand. Suitable for individual and group work. I actively use this technique for diagnostic, educational and therapeutic work. The main direction is the recognition and awareness of emotions, feelings and emotional states. Is an understandable tool necessary in the daily work of a psychologist, psychotherapist."
Iryna Budavitska
psychologist, member of UATA, candidate for certified transactional analyst in the field of psychotherapy

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Dear colleagues!

The projective technique 'Watercolors of my soul' is the result of my experience of individual and group work with clients. Clients like to work with different emotions involving shape and color. The technique includes a set of transparent silhouette-cards and a set of multicolored cards.
The client chooses transparent silhouette-cards and complements them with multicolored cards.
Such combination enables a client:
  • to feel his/her emotional state better and more deeply;
  • to analyze its changes;
  • to investigate the congruence between internal feelings (emotions) and their external expression;
  • to trace the dynamics of changes in emotions, their expression and influence on the perception of a particular situation;
  • to make a projection of emotional states of another person in solving conflicts in family and other social groups.

Therefore, the technique of "Watercolors of my soul" has become a favorite tool of many of my colleagues.
Natalia Hurets - psychologist, member of the UUP, member of the UATA, candidate for СТА(p)